Why should I buy a Vanity Mirror Frames frame instead of a complete framed mirror?

Vanity Mirror Frames frames are less expensive than most new framed mirrors and they don’t require that you remove your existing mirror. This is especially good news if your existing mirrors are glued to the wall and may damage the wall upon removal. Vanity Mirror Frames frames are easy to install, requiring no special tools or skills. They work with any rectangular-shaped mirror and are available in a variety of styles to fit any décor.

What if I need a frame longer than 102 inches?

We can make frames longer than 102 inches, however, there will be a seam joining two separate pieces to make any length which is longer than 102 inches

How do I care for my Vanity Mirror Frames frame?

Vanity Mirror Frames frames are a high-quality product made by American manufacturers with excellent reputations. These products have long been used in the hotel and cruise industries. Please care for them as you would care for a piece of fine furniture: * Dust frames with soft cloth or feather duster. * Clean with soft, water-dampened cloth only, using a light touch. Wipe dry gently. Do not use Windex, 409, or any glass cleaner or other solvent on the frames. Should a cleaner or solvent come in contact with frame, wipe off immediately with damp cloth. If left on frame, solvent may damage finish. Vanity Mirror Frames can not be held liable in this case.

Will the frames work for me if there is no clearance around my mirror? Or, if my mirror sits on the backsplash?

Yes. Vanity Mirror Frames frames are designed to be used with every plate mirror, whether or not there is clearance around it.

Can you see the mirror edge underneath the frame?

Where there is clearance we extend the frame on that side up to 5/8 inch so the edge of the mirror cannot be seen as you walk by. If your mirror has zero clearance on a side then we do not extend the frame on that side and the frame will be stacked with the edge of the mirror.

What is the difference between channels and clips?

A channel is a j-shaped piece of metal that usually runs the width of the mirror on the bottom and the mirror sits in this channel. Clips come in a variety of styles. You will usually find 2-3 clips on the top and bottom of your mirror. Occasionally they will be on the side. The clips can be metal or plastic.

How do I know if I need replacement clips?

If you have clips and they are longer than 1 inch and thicker than 1/8 inch, you will need to exchange those clips for smaller ones. If you do require replacement clips, the order form has a place to indicate how many.

Can we remove the frame from the mirror if we would like to remodel?

Yes. Vanity Mirror Frames frames are meant to be permanent. If the frame must come off we recommend using dental floss to separate the foam tape from the mirror. We suggest you use Goof-Off, or a citrus-based cleaner to remove the rest of tape from the surface of the mirror. Please understand that we can not guarantee that your frame would be usable should you choose to remove it.

Will Vanity Mirror Frames frames work on beveled mirrors?

Sometimes. Vanity Mirror Frames frames must adhere to the flat, un-beveled, part of the mirror, so the bevel cannot be greater than 1.5 inches wide. Please let us know if your mirrors are beveled so we can address your specific needs.

Will your product work on medicine cabinets?

Possibly. A Vanity Mirror Frames frame may work on your medicine cabinet if the strip around the edge of the mirror is no greater than 7/8 inch. There must also be enough clearance from the adjoining wall so the cabinet door can open once the frame is installed.

We also have a few concerns regarding the use of the frame on medicine cabinet doors. We are not sure how the frame will hold up to the constant pulling to open the door. We use an aggressive 3M tape on the frames but it has not been tested for this purpose. We will apply more tape on the opening edge of your medicine cabinet to reinforce that side where the pulling action will occur. If you are interested in ordering a frame for your cabinet please indicate on your order form that the frame will be applied to a medicine cabinet and indicate which side is the opening edge.