The 20-Minute Makeover for Your Mirrors

Vanity Mirror Frames frames are affordable, custom-cut frames that adhere to the surface of existing plate mirrors while they are still up. They go up in minutes, without special tools or skills, and work even if the mirror edge meets a backsplash, wall or ceiling. The frame attaches to themirror itself, covering over those unattractive clips. Available in over 25 styles, Vanity Mirror Frames frames complement any décor.

Why Vanity Mirror Frames?

  • Custom fit to every mirror, even if the mirror abuts the backsplash or wall or has clips around the edges. They are custom-cut to fit any size mirror and adhere right to the surface of the glass, covering over unattractive clips.
  • Fast installation, without room down time. Our installers are in and out in only a few minutes.
  • Cost Effective. Vanity Mirror Frames cost far less than buying a large, framed mirror, taking the old plate mirror down, disposing of it, patching the holes, or re-vinyling!
  • Durability. We rigorously test each frame style. We spray them with mouthwash, hairspray, water and Windex and make sure they are stable before we offer them to our customers. We stand behind their quality, as do our manufacturers.
  • Easily maintained, just wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Beautiful! Vanity Mirror Frames are produced from top-quality manufacturers, and you and your guest won't believe the difference a beautiful, framed mirror will make to your décor.